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Tapped into the heartbeat of Vero Beach, our dedication to the community and its people is steadfast the AMAC team was founded upon family; a family built upon the idea of home. Where home is more than a singular place, more than four walls and a series of corridors. Where home is a feeling with the residence that is resounding. A vibration within every individual with whom it is connected. The tangible made intangible, manifested through a connection forged alongside those welcomed into the fold. A timeless connection both gentle and unshakable, the balance of deep industry roots met with a passion to shape new chapters for those embarking upon their next great journey.

We inspire the feeling of home. And just as a home is only as good as the bones from which it was built, AMAC is only as good as our story. One composed of over seventy-two years of dedication, compassion, continued success, and a passion for growth. We are industry experts and neighborhood enthusiasts. The bones of Alex MacWilliam are imbued with the heart of Vero Beach as the spirit of our brokerage remains inquisitive and free expansive and eager to further develop its impact on the neighborhood.

There are countless homes for countless people, with countless means by which to buy or sell but there is only one brokerage who understands the many faces of Vero Beach, who has laid the foundation for its diverse real estate landscape.

We see things differently. AMAC believes in bringing you home, in making the introduction to your next chapter one met with ease, trust, an understanding. And understanding that Alex MacWilliam is more than a brokerage, but a family of compassionate leaders who work in tandem to bring decades of firmly woven history and success to your front door. We believe in the synergy of our experience, of a family run business with a diversified mentality, where our dedication is to make every transaction a meaningful human interaction. Our history is steeped within the community, quilted from a fabric of many faces many lives many minds and hearts dash all with the unified desire to make a difference. Alex MacWilliam is a firm envisioned by one and built by many.

Let AMAC be the first to welcome you to the neighborhood.

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About Craig Von Kohorn

Craig Von Kohorn moved to Vero Beach from Greenwich, CT in 1989. He and his wife, Kathy, have raised

their son and daughter here, along with numerous dogs, cats, fish, and even a snake or 2 – well, the latter really belonged to his son, Kyle. After receiving a BA in business, Craig spent many years in Human Resources, and also became involved with several technology patents and their subsequent licensing.

His diversified experience, along with the tremendous passion he has for helping others, have garnered him not only the "Top Ranked Realtor Award" for many years, but more importantly, the respect and gratitude of his colleagues and clients.

If you have the good fortune to work with Craig, you will enjoy his low-key, hands-on, and remarkably service-oriented style, as well as his estimable negotiating and problem solving skills. You will also come to appreciate his extensive knowledge of local resources (schools, churches, doctors, etc.) and his untiring efforts to accommodate your needs – from real estate to personal.

For Craig, the success he enjoys in his work, indeed his greatest day-to-day pleasures here in Vero Beach, come from his connections with his clients, colleagues, family and friends. He is held in high esteem by the communities of Indian River County, and seen as man of unusual warmth and integrity.